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    • It’s All About the Protein

      IsaLean PRO Shake has 36 grams of protein per serving. That’s a heroic amount. And that’s a good thing because protein is the most filling macronutrient. Tired of being hungry as you pursue your weight loss goals? We’ve got a product for you ... you have three guesses.

    • Gain Experience and Muscle

      Flip the script on age-related muscle loss. The undenatured whey protein in IsaLean PRO Shake can help you gain or maintain muscle as you age.

    • Low-Glycemic, High-Terrific

      Spike your #gains, not your blood sugar. Here’s a low-glycemic super shake with added protein to help you feel fuller, longer. We see you stepping up your shake game.

    What’s Inside

    Your superfood alliance awaits...

    It’s more than a passing grade, it’s superior. Beaucoup branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to naturally boost muscle growth and recovery.
    High-Quality Whey Protein
    Our exclusive Myo-IsaLean™ PRO Complex whey protein is high quality and high-grade. Saying the full name is a mouthful, but it’s a mouthful that will help you feel full.
    Pro Flavors
    Certain flavors are always ready to step up to the big leagues. Natural Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, and French Vanilla of course, along with the Strawberry Cream rookie of the year.
    Frequently Asked

    Your questions, answered

    IsaLean PRO Shake is a complete, low-glycemic meal replacement with 36 grams of high-quality protein. It is great for individuals who are looking for increased muscle growth support or wanting to bust through weight loss plateaus!
    Whey protein is superior to other proteins for muscle growth and fat burning. Research also shows that whey protein supports maintenance of lean muscle mass, which supports long-term weight maintenance. Isagenix whey protein is pure, undenatured, and of the highest quality.
    IsaLean PRO Shake is not intended for use on Cleanse Days. However, IsaLean PRO Shake is the perfect way to enhance — or even replace — your standard IsaLean Shake on your Shake Days. It can be a great complement to your existing IsaLean Shake regimen, empowering your Shake Days so you can experience even greater results.
    IsaLean PRO Shake contains high-quality, undenatured protein from cows that are milked according to season and have not been treated with hormones or routine antibiotics.
    As we get older, our body's ability to absorb protein lessens, requiring more protein to hold on to muscle. Recent studies suggest that large doses of whey protein (up to 35 grams) versus lower doses over time are better for promoting muscle maintenance and growth in people over 55. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    †††Transparency and accuracy are a top priority at Isagenix. We constantly strive to ensure that product information is complete, accurate, and current. However, at times, products may be unavailable or have different labels or attributes than those listed here.

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